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Durable Consumer, Industrial and Commercial Protective Coatings

LiquiGuard provides specialty protective coatings to help protect, preserve and enhance the appearance and useful life of all types of everyday materials, surfaces, objects and structures. Our coatings help personal, commercial and industrial artifacts and equipment last longer, saving money and resources and contributing towards a greener planet.

LiquiGuard provides protective coatings that are long lasting and durable. We currently have over 60 different eco-friendly specialty coatings. In addition to 6 different anti-slip coatings, our leather care products consists of 5 distinct leather coatings, with each leather care product serving a specific purpose at the various stages of the leather refinishing process. These solutions represent the best in leather protective coatings available on the global market. Our LeatherGlos application is quick and easy and it maintains it's shine for months before reapplication maybe desired.

We are relentless in our research, innovation and dedicated to developing the best-in-class protective coating products. We are uncompromising in our desire to serve with honesty, integrity and respect. Our customer's best interest must, and will always be primary to our corporate interest. Our coatings help personal, commercial, industrial artifacts and equipment last longer, saving money, resources and contributing towards a greener planet.

FlexDuraCote adds long lasting durability, color, style and non-slip protection

FlexDuraCote is a water based, colorized, floor coating that is a single component solution, which means no mixing required. This anti slip topcote seals and protects home and commercial environments from slip and fall accidents, as well as adding decorative and stylish value to the property. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor surfaces and creates a safe, non skid surface that protects the applied surfaces from rain, oils and greece. Read more product Information

GripCote Products

GripCote Ultra is a fantastic product that has been created for application on tightly woven and artistic floor coverings. This includes Indian or Persian area rugs, hallway runners, wool and cotton throw rugs used indoors, on patios or other covered areas. It will greatly reduce, if not eliminate slipping or potential peeling back of all rugs it is applied. It will also prolong the life of the rug, by adding a rubberized non-slip grip coating on the bottom of the rug it is applied. Click For More GripCote Information

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